Satco is well known as the premier supplier of a variety of lighting products.  Satco offers lighting and electrical components for the retail, commercial and manufacturing trade with warehouse distribution and sales locations in New York, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle.

Products include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, HID, and LED lamps as well as hundreds of styles of builder-oriented lighting fixtures, track lighting and lamps.

Understanding the lighting industry, Satco launched Nuvo Lighting in 2005. This new division offers well-designed lighting fixtures; a 350,000 square-foot central distribution center in Dallas and an extensive R&D programs for developing the latest in LED technology for the high efficiency Nuvo luminaries.

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ConTech Lighting

Founded in 1980, a source for innovative lighting solutions, ConTech Lighting offers:

* Over 5000 products

*EcoTechnology products that give sustainable energy solutions

*High quality fixtures


*2-wire Juno compatible

Like Light Bulbs and Things, many designers put their confidence in ConTech lighting for the product quality and excellent customer service. With affordable and versatile products, there is a fixture for most applications that will meet your lighting needs.

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Antique Bulbs A One-of-a-Kind Appearance


Antique bulbs

These antique bulbs are perfect for residential or commercial environments where an old fashioned appearance is desired. Finding a way to showcase these unique bulbs, with the warm amber glow and variety of shapes and sizes, will add a one-of-a-kind appearance to any environment.

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Benefits of LED Lighting

LED is one of the most efficient lighting technologies available and is certainly the best value compared to any other existing lighting  technology.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and is composed of a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied.  LED technology is not new and has been around for decades in the form of indicator lights on machines and computers.  Over the last few years though, LED has been designed for use as a true lighting source to replace incandescent, fluorescent and other technologies for use in homes, offices, commercial applications, etc.

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